NABL (ISO 17025)- NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR TESTING                                                                 AGMARK - QUALITY CERTIFICATION MARK FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.                                                                 APEDA - AGRICULTURAL & PROCESSED FOOD EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                                                                 POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD                                                                 EIC - EXPORT INSPECTION COUNCIL, GOVT. OF INDIA                                                                 DRUGS CONTROL DEPARTMENT - KERALA                                                                 TEA BOARD OF INDIA                                                                 TEA BOARD OF SRI LANKA                                                                  FSSAI - FOOD SAFETY STANDARD AUTHORITY OF INDIA                                                                  BIS - BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS                                                              

Company Profile

 INTERFIELD LABORATORIES is an NABL accredited Quality Analysis Laboratory established in 1995 functioning as a Quality analysis center for product and Rawmaterials from various sectors like Food, Seafood, Drugs & Cosmetics etc; IFL is the only APEDA recognized laboratory facility available in the state. Alongwith NABL and APEDA, our laboratory has other national and international approvals like EIC, FSSAI, BIS, PCB, AGMARK, APEDA, Tea Board of India, Tea Board of Sri Lanka etc.