NABL (ISO 17025)- NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR TESTING                                                                 AGMARK - QUALITY CERTIFICATION MARK FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.                                                                 APEDA - AGRICULTURAL & PROCESSED FOOD EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY                                                                 POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD                                                                 EIC - EXPORT INSPECTION COUNCIL, GOVT. OF INDIA                                                                 DRUGS CONTROL DEPARTMENT - KERALA                                                                 TEA BOARD OF INDIA                                                                 TEA BOARD OF SRI LANKA                                                                  FSSAI - FOOD SAFETY STANDARD AUTHORITY OF INDIA                                                                  BIS - BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS                                                              


Company Profile
  • Fish Feed
  • Cattle Feed
  • Plant Manure
  • Test Performed for Trace Residue Analysis
  • Test Performed for Quality Parameters
  • Test Performed for Nutritional Facts